VPS Levy - Proposition 6

The Vancouver School District Board of Directors are looking to pass this proposition to maintain current educational funding.

Why does the Vancouver Public School District want it?

This levy helps to pay for staffing and operations that are unfunded, or underfunded, by the state.

Why should you REJECT this proposition?

We love our kids and teachers. We’ve approved every funding request... until now. We have 250 words to convince you to Vote No on the new Enrichment Levy. It’s time to say No so the district and school board will make changes and educate children.

The last levy 2020-2023 was $147.7 million Plus a 6-year Tech levy of $48.8 million. This time they ask for a new 4 year levy totaling $271,943,300. That is an Increase of $124,243,300 which is 84.12% higher. Inflation, at a 15% rate the last two years, is the highest in 40 years. They are asking for 5.6 times More?

Test scores show 57.7% Failing English Language; 70.6% Failing Math; 60.3% Failing science. 2015 we spent $12,500/student. 2020-2021 was about $19,700/student. About 52% of property taxes already go to schools. In the past decade, average spending per student has doubled.

Vancouver Schools are dismantling the Highly Capable Program because it’s not equitable. This means kids who were doing Algebra in 6th grade are now doing basic multiplication in 7th and given 'packets' to do on their own if they want challenging work. What’s wrong? We spend money on Comprehensive Sex Ed; Critical Race Theory; Common Core; Gender and Social Emotional programs at the expense of basic (core) education. We have enough money if we just use it to teach! Say No to this outrageous money grab is the only way to send a message. Hold the School District accountable, Vote No!

VPS tries to focus you on the levy being a renewal, instead of the fact it's a new levy of almost $272 million (vs. 147 million in the last levy), which is an increase of $124 million! Is that a renewal? Student population is falling. Test scores are in the toilet. Student spending has doubled in 10 years, for what? More money solves nothing. The only solution is to stop the excessive spending!

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