Resolution 10 - Charter Preamble

This proposal introduces an amendment to the Home Rule Charter by adding a Preamble Section to the Charter.

Why does the Charter Review Board want it?

This amendment would add a filter by which the Charter would be interpreted. The reason they want this is to force "woke" ideology into the current Charter language which isn’t there now. The left will forever point to this preamble to skew its current, clear meaning.

Why should you REJECT this resolution?

While we agree that a preamble describes the intent and underlying principles of a document, it should have been written by the original authors of our county charter at the initiation implementation, not years after it was put into effect. The proposed preamble creates a filter with which the entire charter will be reinterpreted, possibly creating unintended consequences that are inconsistent with the authors’ original intent.

Additionally, a special election will incur substantial costs for the entire county, resulting in possible increased budget and taxes, which is completely unnecessary.

Reject this afterthought of a preamble!

Check out the video below to learn more about the problems with this amendment.