Resolution 12 - Initiatives & Referendum

This proposal introduces changes to the initiative and referendum signature percentage requirements where it'll be reduced from 10 percent to 8 percent and allows for the transfer of signatures from the initiative process to the mini initiative process.

Why does the Charter Review Board want it?

This resolution is another cheap attempt to strip power away from residents of Clark County by making it easier to pass bad laws and change good ones.

Why should you REJECT this resolution?

VOTE NO to keep Clark County one of the most restrictive when it comes to allowing citizens to petition for change. Washington State and Home Rule counties like Clark County reserve to the people the power of using a "Referendum and Initiative" process as checks-and-balances on laws and county policies.

As of 2013, when the original charter was passed, only ten (10) initiatives had been passed in the other home rule counties over a time span of 45 years. Only one "Mini Initiative" has ever been attempted in Clark County, most recently in 2021 to stop vaccine mandates with 11,505 validated signatures. Clark County’s requirement specifies the shortest timeframe to file a referendum to a new ordinance – ten (10) days. This Charter newly proposed amendment does absolutely nothing to improve this unreasonably short deadline. By comparison, other counties in Washington State allow 45 days and Washington State allows 90 days for completion. Ten (10) days is not long enough for all affected stakeholders to receive notification, to study the issue, and to file notice.

If this measure is passed, Clark County would still require twice the percentage of signatures required for a Washington state referendum. Furthermore, the proposed requirement of a prosecuting attorney statement is another barrier to the people’s voice, where a lone official could have an outsized effect on the measure. This charter amendment does not substantially change the charter that would favor the people’s power to petition.

If you want an amendment that meets original intent, Vote NO until a more sincere version of this amendment is offered.

Check out the video below to learn more about the problems with this amendment.