Resolution 13 - Diversity & Inclusion

This proposal will establish an office of diversity and inclusion along with a new diversity and inclusion commission to the Clark County Home Rule Charter.

Why does the Charter Review Board want it?

This measure introduces a diversity and inclusion (DI) officer position along with a new DI commission. Why do they want it? They want to substitute D&I ideology for best practices which forces quotas to be established. Furthermore, a separate budget will be allocated for the DEI team which would be overseen by a chief officer. Clark County does not need more government employees or an increased, bloated budget = more taxes.

Why should you REJECT this resolution?

Reject Resolution 2021-13! It repeats a recently failed amendment.
One year ago, voters wisely rejected a nearly identical amendment, yet the Charter Review Committee refused to listen and put it back on the ballot for a second time. Reject it again and send the same clear-cut message that the will of the people shall not be ignored!

Reject it because: It is unnecessary by virtue that discrimination is already illegal.
All forms of discrimination are already prohibited under the current Clark County Home Rule Charter, Washington State law, and Federal law.

Reject it because: It creates a new permanent, unaccountable layer of government.
Amending our County Charter would permanently enshrine a new Diversity and Inclusion (DI) Officer position. This position, directly appointed by the County Manager alone, would be dangerously unaccountable to both Clark County voters and our County Councilors. No other county position would have so much influence, yet so little oversight.

Reject it because: It will result in quotas and more divisiveness.
A newly elected Diversity and Inclusion Officer will have undue influence over direct hiring, promotions, salaries, budgets, contracts, and much more. In the pursuit of diversity, quotas would be unjustly established based on favoring select groups of people. This is not only wrong, but unethical. We need approaches that bring us together, not divide us further by the color of our skin or ethnicity. THIS IS DISCRIMINATION.

Do the correct thing and reject Resolution 2021-13 once again!

Check out the video below to learn more about the problems with this amendment.