Resolution 9 - Consultation & County Manager Appointment

This proposal requires the County Council to consult with County Executive Elected Officials in a public meeting before hiring a new county manager.

Why does the Charter Review Board want it?

This resolution was crafted to impede the County Council from hiring a new County Manager if they so desire. The end goal of this amendment is to take more decision making power away from the Council and put it into the hands of the other elected officials.

Why should you REJECT this resolution?

Supporters of this amendment claim it’s simply good governance for the County Council to meet with other elected officials such as the Sheriff and Treasurer prior to the hiring of a new County Manager. They are correct. The County Council should consult with these officials, and they are entirely free to do so under the Charter as it currently exists.

Yet a new problem is created by making this meeting a requirement using the terms "SHALL CONSULT WITH... in a public meeting." Doing so unintentionally grants veto power to those officials. What happens if one of those officials dislikes a candidate and refuses to meet with the County Council? The County Council cannot compel the official’s attendance. As a result, the County Council could not proceed with that candidate, creating a new and unintentional veto power.

Check out the video below to learn more about the problems with this amendment.